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How many btus is a 22 kw generator

How many Btus does a 20kw generator use? Example 2: A 20kW Generac model 6244 has full load Liquid Propane Vapor Consumption: 3.85 GAL/HR (Gallons per Hour). You can take that number and multiply 3.85

What’s the best way look up synonyms online

What is the synonym of look up? Find another word for look up. In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for look up, like: research, find, get-better, looking-up,

What channel is college basketball on dish network

What channel is college basketball on on DISH? Channel 148 What channel can I watch college basketball on? Say “Bracket Challenge” into your Voice Remote or tune to Channel 148 to make your picks, follow

What are the goals of the government

What are the 3 goals of the government? To maintain a strong economy, the federal government seeks to accomplish three policy goals: stable prices, full employment, and economic growth. In addition to these three policy

Why should we take care of animals

Why we should also take care of animals? Every animal needs to be taken good care of, given food, shelter and veterinary care, this way humans show commitment towards animals. The cows deserve veterinary care
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