Which one is not a regular polygon?

An irregular polygon is any polygon that is not a regular polygon. It can have sides of any length and each interior angle can be any measure. They can be convex or concave, but all concave polygons are irregular since the interior angles cannot all be the same.

What is not a polygon?

A shape with curved sides is not a polygon. A shape that is not fully closed is not a polygon.

Why is not a regular polygon?

For a polygon to be ‘regular‘ it must have all sides the same length and all interior angles the same. The figure above is actually an example of an equilateral polygon since it has all sides the same length, but it is not a regular polygon because its interior angles are not all the same.

How do you tell if a polygon is regular or not?

A polygon is regular when all angles are equal and all sides are equal (otherwise it is “irregular“).

What is the difference between a regular and irregular polygon?

Regular shapes have sides that are all equal and interior (inside) angles that are all equal. Irregular shapes have sides and angles of any length and size.

Is a hexagon a regular polygon yes or no?

A hexagon is an example of a polygon, or a shape with many sides. Hex is a Greek prefix which means ‘six. ‘ A regular hexagon has six sides that are all congruent, or equal in measurement. A regular hexagon is convex, meaning that the points of the hexagon all point outward.

What is a sided shape called?

In geometry, a polygon is traditionally a plane figure that is bounded by a finite chain of straight line segments closing in a loop to form a closed chain. These segments are called its edges or sides, and the points where two of the edges meet are the polygon’s vertices (singular: vertex) or corners.

What is a 5 sided shape called?

More than Four Sides A five-sided shape is called a pentagon. Interior angle of any regular polygon =180[(n−2)/n] Interior angle of any regular Icosagon = 180(20 – 2)/20 = 162° The sum of all the interior angles of a regular Icosagon is 3240°. A quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon with four angles.

What’s a 7 sided shape called?

A heptagon is a seven-sided polygon. It is also known as a septagon. The word heptagon comes from two words: ‘hepta’, meaning seven and ‘gon’ meaning sides.

What’s a 9 sided shape called?

In geometry, a nonagon (/ˈnɒnəɡɒn/) or enneagon (/ˈɛniəɡɒn/) is a nine-sided polygon or 9-gon. The name nonagon is a prefix hybrid formation, from Latin (nonus, “ninth” + gonon), used equivalently, attested already in the 16th century in French nonogone and in English from the 17th century.

What is a 666 sided shape called?

A 6 sided polygon is called a hexagon. A 666-gon.

What’s a twelve sided shape called?

A dodecagon is a 12-sided polygon. Several special types of dodecagons are illustrated above. In particular, a dodecagon with vertices equally spaced around a circle and with all sides the same length is a regular polygon known as a regular dodecagon.

What is 13 sided shape called?

A 13-sided polygon, sometimes also called the triskaidecagon.

What is a 1 trillion sided shape called?

Regular chiliagon
Coxeter diagram
Symmetry groupDihedral (D1000), order 2×1000
Internal angle (degrees)179.64°
Dual polygonSelf

What’s a 14 sided shape called?

In geometry, a tetradecagon or tetrakaidecagon or 14-gon is a fourteen-sided polygon.

What is a 16 sided polygon called?

In mathematics, a hexadecagon is a sixteen-sided polygon.

What’s a 15 sided polygon called?

In geometry, a pentadecagon or pentakaidecagon or 15-gon is a fifteen-sided polygon.

What is a 24 sided shape called?

In geometry, an icositetragon (or icosikaitetragon) or 24-gon is a twenty-four-sided polygon.

What is a infinite sided shape called?

In geometry, an apeirogon (from the Greek words “ἄπειρος” apeiros: “infinite, boundless”, and “γωνία” gonia: “angle”) or infinite polygon is a generalized polygon with a countably infinite number of sides.

What is a 80 sided shape called?

In geometry, an octacontagon (or ogdoëcontagon or 80-gon from Ancient Greek ὁγδοήκοντα, eighty) is an eighty-sided polygon.

What is the name of 18 sided polygon?

In geometry, an octadecagon (or octakaidecagon) or 18 – gon is an eighteen – sided polygon .

What is the name of a 17 sided polygon?

In geometry, a heptadecagon or 17-gon is a seventeen-sided polygon.